Bed Bugs

Banish Bed Bugs From Your Home

Banish Bed Bugs From Your Home

Get rid of biting pests with bed bug removal services in Norco & Corona, CA and Inland Empire

Getting rid of bed bugs can be hard, but Str8Up Pest Solutions is well-equipped for the task. We provide bed bug treatment services on residential and commercial properties in Norco & Corona, CA and surrounding areas.

Our process includes a thorough inspection followed by applying the best treatment for your problem. The treatment stops the growth of bed bugs and prevents reproduction. We can also put down bed bug traps. Schedule reliable bed bug exterminator services right away for the swift relief you deserve.

How do you know you have bed bugs?

If you're not familiar with bed bugs, you might not be able to recognize an infestation. It's especially hard because bed bugs are small and spend much of their time hidden. An infestation can go unseen.

You have a bed bug problem when you:

  • See bed bugs, their droppings or small, rust-colored stains on sheets
  • See blood smears on your sheets or headboard
  • Feel itching, frustrating bed bug bites on your upper body

Our bed bug treatment services can solve the problem. Call 951-268-6283 to schedule bed bug exterminator services in Norco & Corona, CA now.